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Far outside a city in South Africa, there stood an ancient baobab tree, its frayed leaves and cracked centre a testament to its former glory. The day was winding down, the sun settling for its final hours as fingers of ruddy yellow light painted the hilly earth.

The tree stood alone, seemingly out of place, just like the women who had made the journey to see it. Apart from the excited chattering of the women, the area was eerily quiet, not even birds dared perch near the tree.

Tracy stood before the primordial baobab, shivering from a chill wind that only blew across this particular hill. The dying grass shifted like the sea as the tree branches twisted ominously. Its leaves were few and far between, stricken with a drab brown colour, as if it were dying.

Tracy looked to Carika, the girl she often jokingly referred to as her token black friend. Her sister had come with, while the other two girls had come from Tracy's apartment. She promised them something cool and was now on the verge of disappointing them.

"Cari...this is a tree."

"Yup!" she said, looking at the tree proudly, as if it was everything she could possibly imagine.

"You dragged us all the way out here...for a tree. I thought you said it was gonna be neat and interesting."

"It is! It doesn't look like much now but back in the day it was something special, according to legend anyway. The Zulus forbade their women from going near it, and the Boers tried to burn it down...but something happened."

Tracy scoffed. More fairy tales. She made a mental note not to let her friend get drunk next time they had a night out on the town. "Alright, humour me. What happened?"

Cari shrugged. "I dunno. But I know this...legend has it this tree could turn women into goddesses...make them beyond beautiful." her voice was filled with awe as she looked upon the tree, desperately wishing that for once the stories were true.

Tracy thought she heard a buzzing sound, just below the edge of her hearing, but she shooed it away. "You're already pretty Cari, don't get greedy."

There was more than a little truth to her words. Carika had long, straight brunette hair, framing her pixie shaped face upon a well-proportioned body, her breasts looking bigger than they actually were due to her small size. Cari sighed. "Easy for you to say...come on, let's take some of the leaves, maybe that's how the spell works."

Tracy smirked at her remark. She knew she was hot. Her breasts were vary large to the point of overflowing, complemented with a lilly white complexion, a firm pert round bottom with lustrous, jet curls for hair, she could always be the belle of the ball. However, she knew she was blessed, and carried herself with a fair bit of humility, not wanting to sully her image with a bitchy attitude.

Tracy looked at the other girls. Cari's sister was servicing her cigarette while the two other girls were busy taking pictures. "Sure, might as well. Let's make it quick, not good to be out here when it's dark."

Cari laughed as she stuffed the leaves in her handbag. "What? You nervous? I thought you said you don't believe in myths..."

Tracy heard the buzzing again, louder, but thought it was a trick of the wind. "Yeah well kidnapping is no myth. I just wanna go...oh shit..."

"Too much information Tracy!" she giggled, unaware of the situation developing around her.

"No....Cari look...there's someone here."

A cloaked and hooded person stood before the group, Tracy could tell from the outline that it was a woman, a very curvy woman. In the dim light of dusk, she could see some of the patterns on the robe, hexagonal shapes interlaced with impossible geometric lines, imbued with rich purples and deep yellows. In the fluttering wind the robes parted just enough for her to get a tantalizing glimpse at the woman's breasts, heavy silken globes that glistened in the dying light of day.

An out of place honey scent snaked into her senses, dulling and arousing her at the same time. She staggered, her vision darkening, as she more saw cloaked figures slowly homing in all around the group. Before she could alert the others she felt a hand close around her throat, dragging her down to the ground.

Before darkness overcame her, she couldn't help but notice the sticky yet supple skin of her assailant. And in the recesses of her mind, she heard silvery smooth voices drift along her ear.

"Yes. Good. More. More!"

"This one. Different."

"Yes....very special."

And then Tracy knew no more, as she and her friends were carried into the night.

Tracy awoke to the sensation of being coated with something warm. She opened her sticky eyes and saw honey, gushing from an organic spout on the roiling ceiling. The golden substance dribbled down her thick, white thighs and soaked into her heavy breasts. Amber rivulets dripped down her flat belly, contorting from the new sensation as she let out a quiet gasp.

Despite the alien environment, the warm nectar made her feel cosy and relaxed, as if she had come home. Still, despite her comfort, pangs of fear resounded through her mind. If this was a benevolent environment, why did she have to be restrained?

The entire room was awash in organic sounds. She saw the other girls, strung up to the waxen walls by foreign secretions. They were all beginning to wake up, their moans of confusion and /surprise/">surprise adding to the chorus of natural melodies within the hexagonal chamber.

She saw out of the corner her eye the figures from before. They were definitely all woman, their magnificent curves defying /reality/">reality. Their voluptuous breasts /hung/">hung high from their chests, full and ripe. The statuesque women seemed to be nodding to each other, communicating, but without words. As they did so, Tracy could see the profile of their bottoms, which were just as plush and taut as their chests.

They were like the fertility goddesses of old, stepping out of the mists of myth and legend, only something was not right about them. Tracy squinted her eyes. They were not tan, nor were they dark skinned. They were literally golden skinned, as if their skin had literally taken on the colour of honey. What was more strange, was their facial features.

Their faces lacked definition, with few features noticeable, such as their lips, noses and eyes, everything else was de-emphasized, giving them all a uniform, doll-like countenance. She strained even more to get a better look, but their faces simply were not giving her the detail she craved. Their eyes glowed golden yellow, pockets of light in a dark silhouette. They looked unreal. They did not look black or white, Asian or Arab. They looked like nothing else on this planet.

Suddenly a horn sounded through the chamber, and the golden women peeled back, a glistening chamber gate slamming down where they stood. The room had been sealed off. She noticed a gigantic...thing, lowering itself from the ceiling like a spider. Except it was not a spider. It looked to be an oversized bee, until she saw its upper half. It was a man!

The man was unbelievably ripped, his pectoral muscles defined like two slabs of slate, his bulging arms looked as if they were forged from iron. He was as dark skinned and ambiguous in feature as the women of the colony, only his eyes were pitch black. Runnels of honey ran down his chest and down onto his lower half as he brought his stinger to bear.

Except it wasn't exactly like a stinger.

It was a tube, long, translucent yet black, ribbed and dripping with amber fluids.

Tracy eyed it with fearful anticipation. Other girls screamed, struggling helplessly within their bonds, shaking their arms and legs as they tried to force their way out. He pointed it at the nearest girl, Carika. She whimpered as the thing trembled and wavered before her, quivering with anticipation, eager to sink itself within its prey.

She knew the man's intent and backed herself up against her restraints as far as they would allow, but it was useless. She cried out as the man strode forward, goosebumps spreading as he slid his stinger along her inner thighs. "No! Please"

The man dropped onto Carika's vulnerable body like a lion upon a gazelle. She was captured. She wriggled in his grip, mewling, as his fingers slid across her smooth belly, tantalizing her rising breasts before he plunged down into her silken cleft. Her shout of surprise was muffled as the man kissed her passionately, hugging her close as he thrust deep inside her.

Tracy looked on with mixed emotions. Her heart pounded and her sex grew moist, wanting to watch out of morbid curiosity but also wanting to escape. She bit her lip as the hybrid creature pummeled into her friend's body, her pussy overflowing as the man coupled with her in savage need.

Carika's panicked cries had turned to muffled moans of bliss, bucking her hips to force as much of his organ deep inside her. Her thighs convulsed wildly, sending sloshes of honey mixed with her own love juices onto the floor as the being kept himself attached to her mouth, flooding her brain with mating pheromones.

His hands drifted down to her creamy breasts, massaging them as his palms easily slid over her honey covered mounds. She grabbed his hips in turn, now a willing part of the mating process as her pheromone addled brain took over. She moaned hungrily into his mouth, her sweaty body shining in the amber light as she clenched her vaginal muscles around his monster preparing for his seed.

Her heart raced as the man collided violently against her hips, her shapely legs rollicking in the air, swaying as if on a turbulent sea current. Her glassy eyes were wide and dilated, locked onto her stud as he pinned her against her restraints, his relentless pace and deep penetration making incoherent cries and moans of pleasure tumble out of her throat as she succumbed to her orgasm.

Love juices squirted onto her new lover's stinger and she clutched his body desperately, wrapping her legs around him, now eager for his gift. She didn't know what it would be, only that her subjugated mind was telling her to take every last drop in. She moaned at the thought of giving herself to his offering. She licked her lip, she needed it, she needed him inside her...all of him.

Carika was breathing heavily, her wind knocked out from repeated climaxes. The man too, was panting, eager to release his load. And then it happened. With a deep, inhuman growl, he came. He mashed together her soft milky breasts as he slammed against her, his organ pulsing and undulating as writhing lumps were pumped into Carika's willing body.

Her belly plumped up, as if pregnant, but then whatever was pumped into her, quickly dissolved, restoring her stomach to normal. She let out a quiet moan, a smile spreading across her face as she felt the beginnings of inescapable change within her body. Her eyes had rolled back into her head as if unconscious, drool streaking her neck as her body went through slight jerking motions.

Tracy was now fully terrified. The hybrid man had collapsed on top of her friend, his head settling on Carika's dark breasts, before slumping off of her honey coated skin and collapsing on the floor, his member easily sliding out of her well stretched sex. He did not stir. Tracy wondered if the effort had killed him, as if mating was a fatal effort for these creatures. Her thoughts were broken as Carika released a strangulated moan.

All eyes in the room darted back to her. Suddenly her body tensed, her back arching as she let out a long moan. Her toes curled and her head rolled back and forth as her thighs thickened and legs lengthened, her previously full hips flaring into existence as her psyche caved in, replaced with new directives as she gave herself up to the colony. She let out a soft gasp as she felt her mind rewritten, surprised at how good it felt to serve.

Within a few moments her will and mind were one with the colony. Then rest of the changes kicked in, exploding rapidly across her convulsing body as the hive added another to its ranks.

Starting from her feet up, her ivory complexion started to darken and then lighten into a rich golden hue. Her dead straight hair wrinkled, into wavy brunette curls, as her face morphed into ambiguity, her identity diluted and consumed by something greater.

Throughout her convulsions, her moans started to morph into something indescribably and lusciously musical as she surrendered to her change. Her breasts began to grow, blossoming into lush, glistening melons while her flat bottom bloomed into soft, voluptuous swells. She had become a statuesque fertility figure. Richly muscled yet sublimely soft and inviting.

Tracy looked at the changed Carika, irrepressible fear gripping her heart as the former friend slumped away from her dissolved restraints and began to walk towards her. Meanwhile, she saw more hybrid men drop from the ceiling, hitting the ground with a juicy plop as they ambled towards their future mates.

Tracy pushed herself as far back as possible as Carika approached her. She whimpered as she saw her strut forward on pure instinct, her motions that of a woman whose will full hd xvideo download was no longer her own. Her breasts swayed with each step, her tight stomach muscles flexing seductively as she came into view.

"Carika please...let me go. We can get out of here!" she pleaded, her voice barely audible over the concert of moans flooding the chamber. Carika tilted her head, looking at her uncomprehendingly. Tracy only sighed. Her friend was gone.

Carika leaned over Tracy's naked body, squeezing in and writhing all over her, the two becoming a lewd tangle of flesh. Tracy felt Carika's soft, honey coated breasts lightly nudge her face, before she pressed them down fully. Her world became dark and muffled as she felt warm flesh on either side of her face.

She could feel Carika lightly humping against her thick leg, slick honey ensuring she could slide easily. She also heard the orgy in the back, a cacophony of moans and grunts, not close to slowing down. Within the soft pillows of her breasts, she also heard Carika speaking.

Carika laid her head on top on Tracy's as she spoke softly to her, cradling her former friend's face in the valley of her breasts. "You.You are Special. Will be like me. But not."

Tracy shivered. Carika's troubled speech scared her. Carika leaned away, relieving the pressure on her face. "Please, I can help you! Just don't turn m-" she was interrupted as Carika stuffed a puffy nipple in her mouth.

Tracy tried to keep from sucking but already she could taste the honey. Her soft globe shuddered as a jet of nectar spewed into Tracy's mouth. Now she couldn't help but suckle. She swallowed the warm fluid down and felt her awareness of the outside world dwindle, it was as if the feeling of comfort when she first woke up had been magnified to irresistible levels.

More than comfort, she felt her arousal rising, her nipples perking up as she moved to grind her pussy against Carika's slippery leg. Tracy moaned softly as Carika glided back and forth on her syrupy flesh, her soft hands slipping onto Carika's hefty and sculpted ass cheeks. She pulled her closer, thrusting against her leg as she desperately tried to quench the fire in her loins.

"Yes. Drink. More. It make process....easier." moaned the hive girl, rejoicing in the sensation of pouring her nectar into her former friend. She loved how her breasts throbbed, how Tracy's throat undulated with each swallow, and how soon her friend would be ready for free porn movies download joining the colony. She grew extremely wet at the thought and moved down to kiss Tracy.

Tracy's head lolled to the side when the warm globe was parted from her lips, her mouth and throat stained with drool and nectar as her mind swam in a heavenly narcotic high. She was vaguely aware of Carika's soft voice resonating in her ear.

"Shhhh. You have enough. Now we wait. For King." Carika slid down Tracy's body, giving a playful lick on her ample breasts before nuzzling into her neck. "I. Love you. We love you." she whispered.

Tracy looked into the creature that used to be Carika. Her golden eyes were empty and doe like, yet seemed to contain the utmost sincerity in what she just said. It was then Carika mashed her lips into Tracy's mouth, moaning feverishly as she wrapped herself around her. Her soft lips were so buttery smooth and dewy that Tracy felt compelled to kiss back, lost in her embrace as the two rubbed each other's breasts together, sliding against each other with languid and sensuous motions.

Carika held her there, loving her for what seemed like an eternity. She cradled the dazed and helpless Tracy like a mother to her child, easing her into the next stage of life. As the two slowly writhed against each other, lost in their bliss, the moaning in the background dwindled. The strident howls of joy tapered off, the tell-tale sounds of slapping flesh and gushing seed fading into silence.

Silent if but for all the women, emitting low, soft moans as they underwent their transformations. The more they resisted, the more they moaned, beautiful funeral songs to their humanity as sheer pleasure overpowered their will to exist.

None of them, no matter how strong, were a match for the hive. All succumbed, giving themselves over to their new existence, until finally, the chamber was quiet again. Only the organic squishing sounds of the walls gave company to their thoughts.

Carika withdrew her sweet tongue from Tracy's mouth, their game of bliss at an end. Carika caressed Tracy's cheek gently as she leaned back. "I go now. It is time for you."

Tracy stared forward, her mind was buzzing. She still felt drugged, but less so, the neurotoxins in Carika's nectar beginning to wear off. She saw the other women had fully changed, but she hadn't. A glimmer of hope shot through her heart. Perhaps they would let her go? Maybe they met their conversion quota? The whole thing was situated as a type of assembly line after all. Then her heart dropped, her mouth becoming dry from what she saw before her.