Hotel surprise

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Hotel surprise

As we enter the room the noise causes him to wake and he looks up at us bleary eyed. We apologise for disturbing him but he says, no it's his fault for oversleeping after a hard day the previous day. He says he still feels tired and tense and his back is really knotted up.

I ask him if a quick massage would help and he perks up immediately, eyeing you up, and says yes. He then looks disappointed when I take my shoes off and climb on the bed beside him and start to rub the top of his back. As I knead his tight muscles he starts to relax and enjoy the sensation. You disappear briefly into the bathroom and come out with some moisturising lotion, suggesting that it might make it a bit easier to give him a proper massage.

I agree but say that I don't want to get it on my shirt and trousers, so you suggest that I remove them. He looks a little startled at this but doesn't move as I pull my t-shirt off over my head and then stand at the side of the bed to remove my trousers. I return to his aching muscles and find it much easier with the moisturiser. As I rub the top of his back and his shoulders I look up at you and notice how hard your nipples look poking through your top. We smile at each other and I start to work my way down his back.

When I get to his lower back I find that I am at an awkward angle and ask if he minds if I pull the bed clothes all the way down. He has no objections so I lower them to reveal his totally naked body. As I work on his lower back my hands slide further downwards, blurring the boundary between his back and his buttocks. He eases himself up slightly and then lowers himself back down. I glance down and see that he has done this to ease the pressure on his which is now pointing down between his legs. I gesture to you and you move round to the bottom of the bed so that you can see more clearly.

By this time I have a very obvious hard bulge in my boxers. You comment that I may as well remove them as they are not hiding anything! I ask him if he would mind and he says not at all. I am now pretty much rubbing lotion into all of his buttocks and my erection keeps brushing against his body. His breathing is getting faster and he is starting to groan slightly.

Then he says that his back feels much better now and would we mind if he real forced anal against her will turned over. We say not at all, so he rolls over onto his back with his pointing straight up at the ceiling. He points out that it hardly seems fair that we are both naked and you are still fully dressed. You start mumbling something about not wanting to do anything, but nevertheless remove your top to reveal that you are not wearing a bra, and your excitement is obvious. As I watch you remove your top I feel his fingers start to gently wrap themselves around my shaft. You notice this as well,gasp and start to tease your nipples with both hands.

I return the favour and soon we are both playing with each other and you are watching and playing with your own breasts. Without taking your eyes off us you remove your jeans and knickers and openly rub yourself between the legs. I suggest that you join us on the bed but you say that you don't want to be involved. He promises faithfully not to do anything to you and reluctantly you come and lay down between us.

As you lay down I kneel between your legs and bend down to lick between them, tasting your very obvious wetness. Meanwhile he is kneeling beside you stroking himself and watching us. The attention of my tongue cause you to tense, arch and orgasm with a shudder. xnxxv sunny leone video I stop what I'm doing and move to kneel beside him. As I do so he starts to tense and shoots his first loads of cum onto your body. He then turns slightly so that the rest shoots out over my . As I bend down to lick you clean he leans over and takes me in his mouth, in the process cleaning his own cum off me.

By now I am so excited that it doesn't take long before I am spurting into his mouth and you watch as some of it escapes over his fingers and onto my cock and balls. You sit up and first lick his fingers clean and then take me into your mouth to suck me clean as well.

Following a slightly awkward silence he grins and says he feels much better now, and should get off and leave us to our room. As he leaves we snuggle up naked together, and don't even notice the chambermaid coming into the room ..........