Jennifers Home At Last

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Jennifers Home At Last

My wife finally moved home only because I told her to keep seeing other guys. The catch was she had to bring them home to a cottage on our property to fuck them. Tonight Im waiting for her to come home from a date. So I can watch my /slut/slut-wife/">slut wife suck a strangers cock and get fucked. Jennifer is a 45 year old 6ft /blonde/">blonde with 40dd tits and voluptuous /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy.

When she left tonight she had on black blouse and half bra with fish net stockings and come fuck me boots. Finally I seen lutes pulling into driveway so I hurried to my viewing area to see the living room of cottage. I watched as they come in and sat on sofa the guy was young early 20s. They wasted no time passionately French kissing and a watch as his hands groped Jens tits thru her blouse.

They were both trying indian santali xvideo to get each others shirt off. As he pulled Jen blouse open he hungrily started sucking alain lyle porn her big silver dollar nipple. Finally they stopped kissing and Jen and her friend pulled they shirts off. Jen got on knees in front of him and pulled his pants off. A large thick member spring up in front of Jen and she started licking the shaft. She was a great cocksucker knowing from experience.

She alternated from engulfing his entire member to sucking his balls. His hand had pulled up her /skirt/skirt-panties/skirt-no-panties/">skirt no panties to block access and was fingerings her. She had just his cock head in her mouth and was stroking the shaft. After ten minutes of sucking cock he pushed her back on the sofa and drove into her hairy pussy. A finger up her ass and tongue ing pussy it wasnt long til she grabbed the back of his head. I could her screams of the first orgasm. He then sat on her chest and stuck his cock in her mouth.