The Passage

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The Passage

She awoke from a pleasant dream filled with naughty thoughts. Her husband?s eyes met her?s instantly.

?Been watching me sleep?? she asked, as she stretched her arms over her husband?s shoulders and embraced him.
?Aye, like an angel.? Her husband stated as he gave her a morning kiss. She felt her body tremble slightly as he ran his fingers down her spine.

?James, You?d better be careful or you might seduce me.? She giggled. She felt his fingers rise up her spine and she felt as though she was going to melt in his arms. She kissed her husband passionately and immediately felt his manhood swelling. She parted her legs slightly and felt his /erection/">erection rise along the inside of her upper thigh. Her hips rotated slightly to allow the tip of his growing staff to part her entrance. She felt his full thickness penetrate slowly into her. She continued to tremble slightly as he shifted his body to slide further into her. His powerful arms lifted her on top of him as he rolled onto his back. She slowly sank onto his full length as she arched her back and parted her thighs on either side of him. Her breasts /hung/">hung pendulous in front of him, beckoning his tongue to her hardening nipples. She did not wait long to feel his erection begin ejaculating inside of her. Her orgasm triggered immediately upon the first contraction of his organ pumping sperm into her body. Her entire body quivered as her orgasm slowly subsided. Her blonde hair cascaded down her back as she made one last thrust against his hips, before collapsing on top of him. She barely composed herself enough to whisper to him.

?I love you, Darling.? She whispered.
?I love you too.? He replied back to her. She playfully contracted the muscles of her vagina and felt his erection quiver slightly, sending shivers of delight race through her lower body. Her face glowed intensely from being fully satisfied. And she lay resting on top of her husband, with his erection impaling her. Her hips seemed to move of their volition. Her engorged clit rubbing gently against the base of her husband?s shaft made her want to keep making love. She passionately kissed her husband to urge him to continue moving against her hips. She remained on top of her husband through several intense orgasms. Her husband?s erection remained fully inserted inside her vagina as the contractions of another orgasm triggered her husband to ejaculate inside her womb once again. Sweat glistened on her skin and she felt the swollen lips of her vulva tightly wrapped around the base of her husband?s still firm organ. She sat up and leaned back slightly. She rested her hands above his knees and felt her husband?s testicles as she rested her buttocks gently against them. She felt his fingers between her legs, gently massaging her clit. Her vagina quivered slightly and she began riding his hips once again, determined to continue to make love to her husband until he could no longer maintain an erection. She leaned forward and felt her husband?s warm tongue teasing her /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples. Her breasts bounced gently before his mouth. Her husband rolled her onto her back, while thrusting against her hips. She lay underneath her husband, unable to control her body?s involuntary contractions. Her legs remained wide open as her husband thrust his complete length into her womb. Orgasms overwhelmed her body, each one barely subsiding before the next one began. Her vaginal discharge became an increasing pool under her impaled hips and she felt her husband begin one last ejaculation inside of her.

?If you could stay hard all day, I?d never let you out of this bed.? She whispered to her husband.
?Aye, if I could stay hard all day, you?d beg me to stop.? He replied to her.
?I?d never beg you to stop.? She giggled.
?Think you can handle staying in bed all day?? her husband whispered to her.
?With you darling, I?d never have a reason to get out of bed.? She giggled once more. ?But I am starved sweetheart, and I have appointments today, as I am sure you have too.?
?Bed time will be early tonight, so I can have a reason to monopolize a bigger portion of your time.? Her husband spoke gently to her.

?If you?re horny today, you can always think of me and let me know.? She giggled some more. ?I?m pretty sure I could be convinced to go to bed early for a change.? With that final statement she kissed her husband passionately. They disentangled themselves from each other and they both headed for a relaxing hot shower. She gently soaped her husband?s body while he tried in vain to remain composed. Her husband playfully returned her caressing touch as they cleansed each other. The warm water seemed to bring her mind back into focus after having spent the last hour making love to her husband. She remembered the gift of herself she willingly gave her husband, and wondered if she had chosen that gift wisely.

?I will xxx sex video download free com never give you reason not to trust me with your secrets, any of them.? Her husband?s voice softly sounded inside her head. ?If you remember from our first date, I never gave you a reason to doubt my honesty to you, now I will show you how loyal I will forever be to you.?
?James, I already know.? She projected back to her husband. ?I?ve always known. That?s one of the reasons I fell in love with you. She passionately kissed her husband underneath the gentle pounding of the water. She yearned to join each drop of water as she embraced her husband.

?We better be getting dressed, I have to meet your gentleman at breakfast this morning and I don?t want to be late.? Her husband stated as he stepped out of the shower. She shut off the water just as her husband playfully approached her with a towel. She felt the towel close around her body as she alighted from the stall. She quickly left the water closet and headed towards her dressing table. Her wet hair would take forever to dry, so she decided to braid her hair this morning. She reached for her hairbrush and glanced into the mirror and found her hair already in a double braid across the top of her head. She turned sideways and distinctly saw her hair close to a final braid. A hair band flew from her dressing table and bound the end of her braid. She regarded her reflection in the mirror, and wondered how she could have accomplished this with out concentrating on the magic required to do it.

?My apology if this has startled you, Mistress.? Ferule?s voice echoed inside her head. ?One small pleasure you may enjoy from time to time. I?ve already taken the liberty of setting out your clothes.?
?Thank you, Ferule.? She responded back. ?I do enjoy being pampered. If it?s not James, It?s you. Thank you.?
?You?ve chosen a very rare gift to give /master/">master James, Mistress.? Ferule?s voice sounded again to her.
?I pray I?ve chosen his gift wisely.? She responded back once more.
?You already know you have, Mistress.? Ferule?s voice echoed to her.
?Thank you, Ferule. You are most kind.? She projected.
?I shall return to my other duties, Mistress.? She heard Ferule?s voice drift slowly away from her. She consciously felt the glow of her ring announcing Ferule?s presence to her.
?James prefers his breakfast served on an oven warmed plate, Ferule.? She quipped.
?Thank you, Mistress. A small detail I shall remember to correct.? Ferule?s voice trailed off. Her husband emerged clean-shaven from the water closet as she walked towards the clothes set out on the bed.

She dropped her towel as her husband approached from behind her. She seductively turned and winked at him.
?Breakfast in five minutes, I?ll race you.? She giggled as she gave her husband?s genitals a playful squeeze.
?I?ll have to concede to you.? Her husband spoke, as he turned and headed back to the water closet for a cold shower. She could plainly see his erection standing fully at attention.
?Having problems, Darling?? she playfully winked to him.
?You know full well, I?ll never fit into my trousers with this.?  Her husband stated while turning to display his fully erect organ to her.

?I?d love to help you with that, but you?d have an unfair advantage then.? She giggled to him as she heard the shower being turned back on. She snuck up to the water closet door and surveyed her husband standing in an ice cold shower. Her own loins ached to repeat the events of the last hour with him, but she knew if she did that, she?d never be wearing any clothes at all today. She walked towards her husband and offered him a towel as he shut the cold water off. She then raced back into the bedchamber so as not to loose too much of a head start getting dressed. She continued to giggle to herself as she tried to imprison her breasts within the confines of her bra. She took notice of how full her breasts were this morning. Her nipples remained completely visible through the soft material. She concentrated on not turning towards her husband as he emerged from the water closet. She caressed her swollen breasts playfully, knowing full well her husband would watch her every move. She very sensuously encased her bottom with a silken thong and wiggled her body slightly.

?Damm, I?ll see you at breakfast, Darling.? Her husband spoke as she turned to see him head back into the water closet for another cold shower. Lying on the bed, she giggled to herself as she began slipping her stockings and shoes on. She slipped her blouse on and fastened the bottom buttons only. Her breasts remained fully visible inside her bra. She propped herself onto her side while exposing herself and ran her fingers between her legs as her husband emerged from his second cold shower.

?You might need a third, darling.? She giggled seductively. She could sense he was barely able to contain himself but he approached and stood before her next to the bed. Her husband?s manhood began rising again. Her husband retrieved his shirt from the bed, having to lean over her to do this. She guided his erection into her mouth and heard him groan as her tongue played with his hardening shaft. She giggled as she kissed the tip of his penis. She felt his hands playfully teasing her breasts through the thin material of her bra. She released her lips from his organ and lay on her back next to the edge of the bed. She giggled slightly as she playfully patted her husband?s genitals and rolled to the opposite side of the bed.

?Double Damm!? her husband exclaimed as he headed back towards the water closet and another cold shower.
?See you at breakfast sweetheart.? She giggled as she quickly fastened the remaining buttons of her blouse and grabbed her skirt from the bed. She quickly fled from the bedroom while adjusting her skirt. The last thing she heard was the water for the shower being turned on. She met her driver in the hallway.
?You are being so mean to him, teasing him like that.? Her driver noted aloud.
?I know.? She laughed. ?I also know he?ll drive me absolutely wild tonight as payback for being so naughty.?
?Best of both worlds,? her driver laughed. ?You and I both know neither of our husbands will really ever be mad at us for teasing them.?
?Aye, but I think he?s setting a new record for consecutive cold showers.? She giggled intensely.
?Anyway, it?s breakfast and I bet you?re as starved as I am.? Her driver noted aloud.
?You know I am.? She concluded as they descended the staircase and headed for the breakfast nook off the kitchen. Ferule met them at the table.
?Pleased to see you both, but I had reason to believe your husbands would be joining you this morning.? Ferule spoke. sexxxx video ful hd The two women regarded each other before bursting into laughter. They quickly seated themselves as her sister joined them for breakfast.

?Morning, Sis.? Her sister quipped. ?I think we need to have the plumbers check the pipes. It was really /bad/">bad trying to keep the water temp in the shower from spiking.? Her sister looked directly at her and winked. The three of them giggled before being completely boisterous with laughter. Ferule began serving their breakfast a short time later. All three of their husbands appeared together. Her husband playfully kissed her before seating himself as the other men did the same to her sister and her driver.
?Morning, Sirs.? Ferule spoke announcing himself. ?Your breakfast will be served shortly.? Ferule set a glass before her she recognized.
?Thank you, Ferule.? She spoke.

?You?re most welcome, Mistress.? Ferule replied. Ferule departed and kitchen staff appeared with breakfast for the men. Each plate was stacked on top of a warming basket, which kept the plates warmed. The food was piping hot as though whisked from the grill moments before. The three men dived into their breakfast with out hesitation.
?Keep you hands and feet away from the conveyors.? Her sister quipped. Everyone stopped and stared at her sister. The three women burst into laughter as the men chuckled.
?James, you did say our gentleman was joining us for breakfast this morning?? she asked politely while still giggling loudly.
?He is supposed to be, but we are early this morning.? Her husband replied as she drank from her glass. Ferule?s special recipe flooded her with a warm sensation. Her great grandfather and great grandmother entered the breakfast nook together a short time later.

?Good morning, Sir, Mistress.? Ferule greeted them as everyone else at the table took notice. The men stood at the table, until her great grandmother sat down for breakfast, and then they reseated themselves following her great grandfather.
?Morning Ladies.? Her great grandfather greeted them. Her great grandfather stared directly at her as she finished the contents of her glass.
?Morning.? The three women sang together.
?Morning, Ma?am.? She greeted her great grandmother.
?I heard quite a bit of excitement from the west wing this morning. Do you know anything about it, my dear.? Her great grandmother spoke to her.
?I do. I commissioned the black house to a task early this morning. I should have a report back before we finish breakfast.? She stated. She also noticed her great grandfather give her great grandmother an all-knowing look.
?I often wondered about that music, but I never could tell where it was supposed to lead me.? Her great grandmother spoke.
?Ma?am, you?ve heard it before?? she asked politely.
?Yes, several times.? Her great grandmother spoke softly. ?If you?ve tasked the Black house, then you must know something.?
?Actually, it was one of my guests who filled in a missing piece.? She replied to her great grandmother.
?Sir, I will know one day, how you seem to know things before anyone else.? She projected to her great grandfather only. Her gentleman seemed slightly startled to hearing her voice but had seen clearly that she had not spoken to him. She regarded her great grandfather?s stare. She projected her mind into his mind.
?Careful how deep you want to go, my dear.? Her great grandfather?s voice sounded in her head. ?Some truths may frighten you.? She found her great grandfather?s mind clouded as though he sought to keep some things from her.